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We all have questions about life, faith and meaning; but it's often difficult to find the time and space to ask them. Alpha is an interactive environment designed to help us ask and discuss life's biggest questions.

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Alpha is a series of 11 interactive sessions where you’ll have the opportunity to meet and connect with some great people and join in honest conversation around some of life’s biggest questions. Alpha Session has 3 components: Connect. Video. Discussion.After getting to know each other, we’ll watch an engaging 20-minute video that explores a weekly question. This is followed by a time for open, casual, and honest conversation in small groups. This is the most important part of Alpha, when you get to ask questions, hear from others and share your own perspective.

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Youth Alpha

Is God real? Better yet. Does he even care about me? If you're a student that is questioning Christianity and the faith, Youth Alpha is a safe place to ask those tough questions. Church can be an intimidating place for young people to wrestle with God. We need to change that and we hope Youth Alpha can be that place for you, your friends, your family members, and really anyone you know. Each week we’ll be having a zoom call with other students your age where you can discuss different topics around life and God. Even if you don't have anything to say and just want to listen, that's okay! Come, hangout, take that step.

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Alpha Farsi

در آلفا شما فرصت دیدار با برخی افراد بزرگ و پیوستن به گفتگوهایی صادقانه درباره بعضی از بزرگ ترین سوالات زندگی را خواهید داشت.جلسه آلفا دارای ۳ بخش می باشد:ارتباط، ویدیو، بحثبعد از معرفی به یکدیگر، یک ویدیوی سرگرم کننده ۲۰ دقیقه ای که درمورد سوال هفتگی است خواهیم دید. بعد از این بخش زمانی برای گفتگویی باز، خودمانی و صادقانه در گروه هایی کوچک وجود دارد. این مهم ترین بخش آلفاست که شما می توانید سوال کنید، از دیگران بشنوید و نقطه نظرتان را به اشتراک بگذارید.در آلفا ثبت نام کنید

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Our Alpha Team helps create a relaxed atmosphere where people can discuss their big questions about faith. There are a variety of ways to be involved on the Alpha Team - Helping to run our online environment, Being a host for a small group, and many other opportunities! We’d love for you to SERVE on Alpha for Everyone!

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