Full Time Staff Position

Creative Communications Director


Position Summary


The Creative Communications Director’s primary function is to oversee the organization’s brand so that, across all church ministries and initiatives, the messaging is consistent and reflects Bayview Glen Church’s mission, vision, and values. Working closely with all ministry leads, they will be responsible for communicating each ministry’s offerings, special projects, and needs through visual design, compelling copywriting, as well as other creative mediums.

This is a full-time, salaried position. Compensation is based on experience and includes an extended benefits and vacation package. Working hours may require Sundays and some evenings.



  • Responsible for all strategic design and brand communications.
  • This includes creating communication plans and schedules for all church ministries so staff and SERVE Teams can execute with excellence.
  • Works with current communications team and contractors on all deliverables, which includes but is not limited to copy and graphic design.
  • Keeping our digital, website and social media platforms active and thriving and consistent with the mission, vision, and pathways for discipleship.
  • Overall, maintaining a consistent brand is a key responsibility through design, creation, and planning with staff and contractors.

Creative Brand Usage and Design Creation

  • All brand and related graphic development, creation, and usage in any and all ministry realms.
  • While not creating the liturgy elements or plan, this role works closely with the Weekend Experience Team and appropriate staff to develop and enhance the liturgy and related elements through graphics, set design, etc.
  • Works closely with ministry leaders to market, promote and advertise all ministry programs/events.
  • Looks for cross-ministry brand consistency when applicable. For example, a design feature for Easter is used throughout all ministry platforms and communication.


  • Leads the design of all spaces, signage, and decor. This includes, but is not limited to exterior and interior signage, stage design, the feel and look of the physical gathering spaces, and digital presence.


  • Work with ministry leaders to capture and promote movements of God throughout all ministries. This includes intentionally using all platforms and communication mediums available to celebrate and highlight the work of the Holy Spirit.

Team Development

  • Create and maintain a culture of care and appreciation for Serve Team members and staff who assist with the above responsibilities.
  • Help to foster an environment of ownership and excellence among Serve Team members.
  • Provide training, leadership, and support to Serve Team members.

Other duties as assigned


Candidate Profile

Capabilities and Characteristics:

  • Spiritually and emotionally mature Christian.
  • Strong brand awareness.
  • Advanced ability in all aspects of message development and visual design.
  • Strong creative storytelling skills with an eye for visual art, photo, and video.
  • Possesses an understanding of current communications trends and how people interact with marketing and advertising material (e.g., social media, website engagement).
  • Attention to detail with strong communication and administrative skills.
  • Possesses the ability to create and lead effective working teams.
  • Demonstrates strong interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to navigate social media, marketing, and many aspects of audio, video, and lighting production.
  • Ability to be creative, highly-organized, and effectively manage multiple priorities and assignments.
  • Ability to perform quality, detailed work with an eye for excellence.
  • Ability to troubleshoot when complications arise and offer creative and strategic solutions.


Qualifications and Educational Requirements:

  • Fantastic written and verbal communication skills.
  • 3+ years experience in ministry management with graphic design, marketing and creative management experience.
  • Experience leading the creative process from conception to completion.
  • Demonstrated success in the recruitment and leadership of volunteer teams.
  • An understanding of Bayview Glen Church and its mission and values.
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent years of related experience preferred.


Additional Details

Provides Oversight To:

  • All brand and related graphic development, creation and usage in any and all ministry realms.
  • All staff and related SERVE team members with respect to communications.

Reports to:

  • Executive Pastor

Relates closely with:

  • All Departments