Lead Pastor Transition

On March 23, our Lead Pastor Lucas Cooper announced that his time at Bayview Glen will be coming to a close.  As we enter the next chapter in Bayview Glen’s story, we desire to keep you and our church family fully informed.




We have moved into the second phase of the Lead Pastor Search Process. Our job posting with Slingshot Search Group is available online and open for applicants. You can view the posting by clicking HERE.


What’s Next

Lead Pastor Search Process



How can you help?

Please continue to love our church as you have. Continue to serve as you have served in the past. Continue to give as you have given. Continue to pray for our church, elders, and staff.

Please pray that God will bring the best next leader to Bayview Glen. He’s been faithful in the past in bringing the very leaders that we needed. Pray for the Elders and the search team as they interview candidates.


Do you have questions?

You can contact the church at [email protected] or 905-881-5252.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is the search being conducted?

We have contracted Slingshot Group to help us search for our next pastor. You can find out more about them at slingshotgroup.org.

Why are we using a search firm?

The Slingshot Group are experts in conducting searches and have an international network. They have an entire staff dedicated to locating and qualifying candidates.

Will Bayview Glen change?

We will continue to embrace Bayview Glen’s mission- we work together so that everyone, everywhere can experience God’s love and his created purpose through Jesus. We are confident that we will pursue our mission with even greater enthusiasm as we move into the future.

I know someone who would be great for the job!

We’ll be asking anyone interested to contact Slingshot Group to apply by clicking HERE. All candidates will go through the same process.

How long will it take to find a new Lead Pastor?

We want to do everything in our power and God’s timing to ensure we find a Lead Pastor that will be an excellent fit for Bayview Glen. We’ll be updating our timeline regularly and often to keep you posted.

Who will take on the Lead Pastor’s responsibilities?

While this process is taking place, our current staff, as well as guest speakers, will ensure that all of the ministries at Bayview Glen will continue uninterrupted. Over the next few months, our very own Sawyer Bullock (Online Campus Pastor) and Brandon Bernard (Bayview Youth Director) will help us dive into the text each week. Additionally, we are excited to welcome Mark Clark (The Village Church Vancouver), Ken Shigematsu (Tenth Alliance Church Vancouver), and Sunder Krishnan as guest preachers. Whoever is preaching, we remain committed to dedicating ourselves to God’s word in this next season.

Who is the Search Committee?

The Search Committee is made up of Ministry Partners, Elders, Staff and church attenders who are a team of diverse women and men representing Bayview Glen’s congregation.

Who makes the final decision on who will be hired?

The Elder Board is the governing body at Bayview Glen who will make the hiring decision for Lead Pastor along with confirmation from the Christian & Missionary Alliance District Office. That said, the Search Committee, Ministry Partners and congregation are the life-blood of the search process.