Life Groups

Why Life Groups?

We take this "family of God" thing seriously. Life Groups are Bayview Glen's way to live as family. So in Life Groups we do family stuff like eating together, bowling, celebrating birthdays, praying for each other, studying God's word, loving each other, being present in our neighborhoods, and lots more! Life Groups are for everybody.

What is a Life Group?

Life Groups are gatherings of 8-12 people that meet across the GTA at different times throughout the week. Every group is unique but all of them are focused on becoming a family who live on mission together as we receive life from God, share life with one another, and bring life to their neighbors and networks of relationships. Life Groups are for everybody!

When do Life Groups Happen?

Life Groups happen in three sessions throughout the year. Each session is 10 weeks long and the groups themselves meet at various day and times through out the week.
Winter session starts January 26
Spring session starts April 26