Everyone. Everywhere.

Missions at Bayview Glen Church

We work together so that everyone, everywhere can experience God's love and His created purpose through Jesus. So the work of missions is central to the work of Bayview Glen Church. It involves every member of our faith community. We have a strong legacy of supporting global missions, but the nations are no longer just “out there” - they have come to our doorstep. Toronto is a “global city” with great opportunity to reach those who don’t yet know Jesus. We are on mission on our campus, in our communities, and globally as we partner with individuals and organizations to make much of Jesus in our city and beyond.


We support a number of international workers across the globe who are engaged in reaching the nations with the good news of Jesus. From Asia to Europe, the Americas and Africa, our commitment is to support and send individuals and teams who are engaged in God’s Kingdom work.

Local Missions

We long to see the good news about Jesus permeate every corner of our city. So we work in partnership with organizations in the GTA that address issues such as poverty, mental illness, and human trafficking. We also support local workers who have given their lives to see the good news about Jesus take root in the city of Toronto.