At Bayview Youth we have talked about how broken the world is. We have talked about how sin and darkness are evident in our day to day lives, whether we think about it or not. However, we also know that God has come to bring Light to the darkness and restore God’s kingdom through Jesus. We have also talked about how God has given each of us gifts and talents to glorify Him and how these gifts can glorify God by serving His people. That is why Urban Promise fits perfectly with Bayview Youth’s mission statement of Loving God, Loving Each Other, and Loving the World. Urban Promise’s mission is to raise up a generation of young leaders from Toronto Community Housing neighbourhoods who love Jesus and serve their community. Urban Promise does this in a number of ways and one of those ways is through their kids summer camp. Bayview Glen has chosen to bring a team of youth and young adults down to their camp this summer to help run and facilitate their daily camp. We will be in the thick of it actually staying in a local Toronto church and serving during the day at their camp. It is a full experience of serving together, serving each other, and growing together spiritually. Bayview Glen is committed to being the hands and feet of God’s Kingdom and this is just one way that we can practically do this.


Required of you:

  • Your commitment Aug. 4th – Aug. 9th all day
  • Availability for meetings before the trip
  • Fundraising to cover cost of the trip